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Considerations For First-Time Home Buyers

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Buying your first home is exciting, but it can also be extremely stressful. After all, buying a home means adding a large sum of debt to your current financial situation. Additionally, there are a lot of things that you need to consider before you buy your first house. You don’t want to start looking for houses if you aren’t prepared, because the process could become overwhelming real quick. So, before you contact a real estate agent, spend some time thinking about these things so that you can enjoy buying your first home without a lot of worry. Your Current Needs vs Future Needs  When you begin looking for houses, you’ll come across properties billed as “starter homes.” These are often smaller houses or houses in need of repair that are ideal for some people, but not all first-time home buyers. Unless your long-term goal is to own small rental properties or you don’t have future plans to expand your family, a smaller, cheaper house may not be ideal for you. Many people opt to purchase starter homes with plans to sell the house and move into a larger home in the future, but what happens if you can’t afford to move or build an addition onto the home when you needed? Purchasing a home is a long-term commitment, and you need to think of it that way. If you think you’ll need a larger house in the future, then you should consider looking at larger homes now. This way, you won’t need to worry about selling a house that is too small later. Your Wants vs. Needs It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty of homes that you’re looking at. However, the last thing you want to do is purchase a house that looks like your dream home, but doesn’t actually have the features that you need to live comfortably. So, before you start looking at houses that are for sale, make a list all of the features you want in a home. Then, prioritize that list into two separate categories — features you’d like to have and features that you absolutely must have. Use the list that you’ve made as a checklist when touring houses and as a tool to help you negotiate. Chances are, you’ll have to compromise somewhere, and you don’t want to compromise a “necessity” for a “want.” Buying a home is a huge decision, especially your first home. You want to purchase a home that you love, and you should be able to do that without a lot of stress. So, before you contact your real estate agent, take some time to consider your needs at the present time and what you want for your...

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Buying A House To Rent Out: 3 Things That Will Affect Whether You’ll Easily Turn A Profit

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With the cost of real estate still being relatively unaffordable, most Americans are still choosing to rent rather than purchase their own place. If you have money to spare, investing in a house for the sole purpose of renting it out can be rather profitable. Once you have narrowed down several homes for sale that may be good investment candidates, it’s important to also consider the following 3 things, as they can easily affect the amount of profit you can earn. The Cost of Property Taxes Even after the mortgage is paid off, don’t forget that you are liable to pay property taxes to the city. Before you make an offer on a home, make sure you take a good look at the amount of property taxes that the current owners are paying. This information should be readily available online. If not, ask the real estate agent. Make sure that the property taxes are reasonable. Keep in mind that property taxes tend to increase with time, as the property will likely increase in value. The Cost of Insurance If the house is located in an area that is prone to natural disasters, like floods and earthquakes, you can bet that the cost of even the most standard and basic home insurance policy will be rather pricey. Before buying a rental house, request home insurance quotes from insurance companies in the area. It’s important to determine whether the cost of insurance will eat up a huge chunk of rental profits. It’s also important for you to consider the type of insurance policy and coverage that you are most comfortable with. Even if the standard policies may appear affordable, they may not be able to offer you any coverage at all for the disasters that you are concerned about. Rental Interest in the Neighborhood If you intend to rent out the house, it’s important that the house is occupied at all times by renters. You are losing money every month that the house stays vacant. Make sure that the house is located in a neighborhood that has high rental interest. This way, you’ll get a steady stream of rental applicants and will be able to increase rent easier in the future. You should also take a look online to determine what the average rental price for similar housing units may be. Conclusion While a house may look like a great rental property, it’s important to also consider the logistics behind the rental operation. Consider the set expenses you will be responsible for before making a...

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3 Features To Look For In A New House That Can Make You More Comfortable

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One of the most important considerations that you should have when shopping for a new house is how comfortable it will be for both you and your family. Listed below are three features to look for in a new house that can help you and your family be more comfortable.  Master Bathroom A master bathroom is especially important for making you and your significant other comfortable, especially if you happen to have children. The reason for this is that the master bathroom can provide you with a quiet and kid-free area to relax and unwind after work without having to deal with the clutter or mess that a bathroom that children frequently use is prone to having. Having a private master bath also means that you and your significant other will not have to fight with your children over a single bathroom as you can simply use the master and let your children have the other bathroom in the house all to themselves. If you want to a house that is even more comfortable for you, consider a house with a master bath that incorporates dual sinks or separate tub and shower. This can allow you and your significant other to bathe or get ready comfortably and without crowding one another. Vaulted Ceilings Another comfort feature to consider is vaulted ceilings, mostly because this feature can do more than simply make your rooms appear larger. In fact, vaulted ceilings are a fantastic way to keep yourself and your family cool in the summer. This is because of the way that hot air rises and cool air drops. Since the hot air will rise and gather around the high ceilings, you and your family will likely be too low to feel the hot air as much while you are walking through the room or sitting in it. In addition, the air-conditioned air will fall and gather around the lower part of the room where your family can feel it.  Fenced-In Yard Finally, you will want to consider a fenced-in yard so that you will have the comfort of knowing that your pets or children are safe while playing outside in the yard. While you will still want to keep an eye on your pets and children while they are in the yard, the fence will make it less likely that a dangerous animal will enter your property or that your children or pets will wander off.  Contact a real estate agent or agency like Marilyn Salzman Real Estate today to start the search for your new house and to discuss what features you are looking for. A master bathroom, vaulted ceilings, and a fenced-in yard are just a few home features to consider that can make the home comfortable for you and your family for years to...

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Two Ways Working With An Experienced Real Estate Agent Can Help You During The Buying Process

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The prospect of buying a house can be an exciting and frightening task for anyone to go through due to the costs involved. Luckily, there are professional real estate agents that can help you navigate this complicated task. However, some individuals may attempt to save my by forgoing these services, but there are a couple of important benefits that working with a licensed real estate agent can provide you. Create A Comprehensive List Of Local Properties That Match Your Needs Finding local properties that meet your needs can be a difficult task because there may be an overwhelming number of properties that you will need to review. Additionally, it should be noted that there are many sellers that may not publicly list their properties. Rather, these individuals rely on their agent to attract buyers that are already screened. This can be especially true for those that are looking to buy higher end properties. A real estate agent will be able to meet with you to determine your needs, wants and desires for your new property, and they will be able to match these wishes against the inventory of local houses to create a list of the most promising properties for your needs. In addition to saving your hours of work, this can also help to ensure that you do not overlook properties that are for sale but not listed in the more common real estate publications. Handle Appointment Setting And Negotiations Before you can tour a property, it will be necessary to contact the seller to arrange for a tour. While this may not seem like a significant task, it can quickly become time-consuming when it needs to be done for every potential property. A professional real estate agent will be able to make any appointments for tours by reaching out to either the seller or their agent. Additionally, the process of negotiating for a home can be lengthy and stressful as it will involve making a series of offers and counteroffers. When you work with a real estate agent, you will have access to their guidance when it comes to making offers. They will be able to review what similar houses had fetched in recent history, which will help you to make a targeted offer. Retaining the services of a real estate agent can be an important way of reducing the stress and work that is associated with buying property. Real estate agents can help you narrow down the list of potential properties, set appointments, and handle your...

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Renting Head Space: Moving In Together As An Introvert And Extrovert

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If you are an extrovert and love to party and be around people, being with a significant other that is introverted may throw you for a loop. If the two of you are ready to take the next step and move in together, there are some different ways to set up your home for success. If you want foolproof tips for you and your significant other to live together as an introvert and extrovert, here are some ways to set up the household.  Skip the landline and home computer For an introvert, having to answer and talk on the phone may be an uneasy chore. Engaging in small talk may not be one of their strong suits and can make them overwhelmed. For this reason, you should skip having any landlines together that the introvert will have to answer and engage with. This also includes skipping a home computer that the two of you share, in case family and friends try to contact you via online messaging and typing programs.  Rent a home instead of apartment If you are in a smaller apartment, this can lead to an introvert feeling trapped. As an extrovert, you may also be unhappy with not being able to have friends come over due to the apartment not being large enough for the introvert to escape the party.Instead of an apartment, look for a home for went with several rooms and a backyard. This will give you plenty of space to have a get-together and your significant other plenty of space to recharge elsewhere in order to feel better.  Set up a dining room   Some people skip dining room set ups in order to have more space available inside of the home for other needs. Set up a dining room with proper tables and chairs. Use this space to have meals together whenever possible, to talk over, and to do your favorite couple activities such as games. A dining room becoming a central meeting space will give you and your significant other a space where interaction happens. This way, when friends come over, they can sit inside of your dining room and your introverted significant other will not feel like the house and their quiet spaces are being encroached upon. Your loved one can come and join you at the table with the rest of your family and friends any time they get ready.  For more information about renting houses, contact a company like ABA Rental Properties...

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How A Real Estate Agent Can Attract Potential Buyers To Your House

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Did a job offer in a different city lead to you needing to put your house up for sale and relocate as soon as possible? If you go about marketing your house the right way, it will get sold a lot faster. The best thing for you to do is to seek assistance from a professional real estate agent to make the selling process move along without a long wait. Find out in this article how a real estate agent will go about helping you attract potential buyers for your house. 1. Discuss Your Target Selling Price The first step to attracting potential buyers to your house is making sure that the sales price is set at a fair amount. Although you are the owner of the house and can price it how you desire, it is in your best interest to make sure that the price is able to compete with other homes in the neighborhood. If there are several homes for sale in your neighborhood, the real estate agent will check them out to gain a better idea of what your house should be sold for. The main goal will be to make your house stand out on the market as much as possible. 2. Make Recommendations for Changes A real estate agent will walk around the interior and exterior of your house to assess the condition that it is in. He or she will make sure that there are no problematic areas of the house that might make potential buyers lose interest when they come for a viewing.  The real estate agent might recommend that you make changes to the front of your house if they are necessary, such as improving the landscape for more curb appeal and painting the trim. You must keep in mind that the level of curb appeal is the first thing that potential buyers will see upon arrival, so it is important. If there are no improvements that are needed for the interior of your house, the agent will simply stage it with furniture to give it a more inviting feel to potential buyers. 3. Put Your House On the Market After your house is in top shape on the interior and exterior, the real estate agent will use different methods for placing it on the market. He or she will first place a sign in the yard so potential buyers will see that it is for sale when they pass by. Ads will also be placed in local classifieds to alert people of open house dates to view the house. People visiting the real estate agency for assistance with finding a house will also be shown your house if it can potentially meet their needs. Make an appointment with a real estate agent like Dennis Crecelius – Realtor so he or she can help you begin the process of selling your...

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Dress Up Your Home For A Quick Sale

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Before you put your home on the market, you can do whatever you can to show your house well. This does not necessarily mean that you should do extensive renovations, but sometimes little things can make all the difference. Rather than running around your home haphazardly “sprucing” things up, you need to have a plan of attack for turning your home’s weaknesses into strengths.  Tame the Jungle It is easy to fall into the mindset that since you hope to be out of your house, you don’t have to worry about yard work anymore. When a potential buyer pulls up to your yard and sees overgrown trees, a forest of dandelions, or brown lawn, they will see work. People are less likely to buy a home when all they see is more work. Make sure you take care of your yard, so it makes a nice impression for your home.  Dealing with Dilapidation If a potential buyer ventures through your yard to get a look at your house, you want your house to look good. If you have peeling paint, damaged roofing shingles, cracked siding, or any other external blemishes, you should take care of them. Repainting your house represents an additional costs, but the cost is worth it when it helps you get out of your home instead of having it sit on the market for months.  Be Unbold with Color When you own a home, it gives you a chance to let your personality play out in the paint you use on the walls of your home. Unfortunately, what looks nice to you, may look like a color explosion to a buyer. Painting over bright accent walls with a neutral color will create a blank canvas for your buyer. This allows your buyer to envision how they will make your home theirs.  Store Your Stuff Loading up rooms with large furniture and tons of stuff makes your home look cramped. Take the opportunity that selling your home gives you to declutter. Get rid of what you can, store what you don’t need for the immediate future, and place what is left in a way that will help you show your home well.  As a homeowner, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how to make your home look good to potential buyers. While you may not be able to do everything that your home requires, you still need to do what you can. If you need help deciding what will benefit you the most, enlist the help of a realtor, even an online realtor, to guide your efforts to sell your home. They can help you find online real estate marketing tools that can...

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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sell Your Home Yourself

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Those on the verge of selling their homes often believe that selling the home without an agent results in a higher end return, and they’re also frequently misguided concerning what it takes to sell a home on today’s real estate market. If you are considering acting as the agent in an upcoming real estate sale, you might want to give the matter further consideration. Following are five reasons why acting as your own agent might not be the wisest course of action for you to pursue. You Probably Won’t Save Money One of the roadblocks to saving money by selling your home yourself is that most prospective buyers expect housing prices to be lower when the services of a professional real estate agent are not involved. You May Not Have the Time Besides professional expertise, one of the major things you’re paying for when you hire a real estate agent is the person’s time, and this may not line up with how you wish to spend your days and evenings. Open houses, for instance, are usually weekend-long affairs aimed at providing those who work during traditional business hours the opportunity to view homes during their time off. Do you really want to spend entire weekends playing host to home seekers? You May Not Have the Personality This is where it gets tricky. You may be among the most gracious of hosts when it comes to welcoming friends, family, and business associates into you home. But many people don’t react positively in the face of people combing through their homes looking for any and every possible flaw — which is what potential home buyers do. Most people lack the ability to remain cool and collected while someone criticizes their home. You Probably Don’t Have the Expertise Home sales have become increasingly more complex over the years — it’s not just a matter of a handshake and signature on a dotted line anymore. Extensive paperwork is a part of most modern real estate transactions, and rules and regulations vary by state, county, and even specific cities. You Might Not Reach All Prospective Purchasers Some buyers’ agents choose not to show homes that are listed as being for sale by owner even though they are bound per industry ethics to do so. This has a strong potential to limit the amount of exposure your home will receive on the open market. Boycotting homes where the owner is acting as the sales agent is more prevalent in rural communities where only a few real estate companies are in business. If you’re ready to sell your home, contact an agent like those represented at In most all cases, the fee you pay a seller’s agent will be more than worth...

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The Top Reasons You Need A Real Estate Agent In A Competitive Market? Get The House You Want

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Are you trying to purchase a house in a competitive market and aren’t sure where to start your home search? If so, you want to find a real estate agent so you can get the house that you need quickly. There are many advantages to hiring an agent, instead of trying to contact buyers and listing agents to schedule showings on your own.  Here are a few important reasons why you need to consider using an agent in a competitive market. Learn About Pocket Listings Real estate agents all work and communicate together in a network to keep sales going. Agents that are friends, or that work for the same company, often spread the word about houses that haven’t listed the market yet. These are called pocket listings, and you could get into this house before more people know about it and want to bid on it. Get Sales Price Comparisons Instead of Listing Price Your agent is going to know what other properties around the area have actually sold for, instead of what they are all listed for. Just because a house is listed and has comparable features, doesn’t mean that other comparable properties have sold for that high of an amount. This allows you to offer less money and make a better financial investment. Agents Have Advantages with Inner Agency Listings Is there one major real estate agency in your area, or a couple of top agencies that most people use to list their houses? If so, having an agent that works in one of these agencies is best. The agency will want duel agent sales so their agency makes the biggest profit, and they will work together to quickly get deals done. Agents Deal with the Paperwork There is a lot of paperwork that goes with buying a house, and your agent can help with scheduling the appraisal and the inspection. They will also work to negotiate the price and terms associated with buying the property, and with any help you need closing on the property. It can be difficult to get agents to show you a house if you aren’t preapproved and you don’t already have an agent that you are working with, so make sure that you get your own agent when you are ready to purchase a home in a busy and competitive market. It will pay off when you finally close on your new property. To learn more, contact a real estate agent like Re/Max Premier – Von...

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Add Curb Appeal In A Flash With These 10 Easy Ideas

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No matter whether you are preparing your home to be put on the market or you just want to spruce up your look, the following ideas are quick, easy and best of all, inexpensive. These 10 ideas will have your front yard looking great in a mere weekend, so read on and get busy. 1. Start with the focal point of your entire home, your front door. Paint makes an easy update; greens and blues are hot trends now, and red has become a classic favorite. To add even more appeal to your entrance, add some new light fixtures and door hardware. 2. You can’t address curb appeal without considering your mail box, which is literally on the curb. This frequently neglected space will benefit from a new box and some pretty, colorful plantings. Just be sure to keep those plants low in front and out of the postal carrier’s way. 3. Enhance your front entrance area with an artful mix of medium, large and extra large pots with plants. You can now get inexpensive plastic planters that not only look exactly like terra cotta, but are a lot lighter weight and easier to move around. Try lining your walk or grouping the pots around your door, using an odd number of pots for a more natural look. For example use 5 or 7 pots, instead of 4 or 6. 4. If you have been depending on mother nature to wash down your siding or porch area, you likely now need to give your home a good power-washing. No need to spring for a machine, the washers can be rented by the day at most home improvement stores. Be cautious and read those instructions; high pressure can damage your paint and even your landscaping if you aren’t careful enough. 5. Nearly every style of home looks prettier with a white picket fence in the front yard. There’s no need to enclose the entire yard, just the front or the corners of the yard will make a charming statement. The new plastic resin fencing is inexpensive and weather-hardy. If you are really going for the cozy cottage effect, add an archway or arbor. 6. Add a welcoming, homey look with a large bench near the front door, made comfortable with colorful outdoor pillows. Surround the bench with some colorful potted plants for a even more inviting look. 7. Consider replacing your old shutters with new ones, or even adding some to a facade that needs more definition. Try to stick to the bottom floor only, for time and safety’s sake. 8. Give your flower beds a revamp by cleaning out and adding fresh mulch. Place some colorful plantings in sparse areas and prune those big bushes back. Concrete edging will draw the eye to your gardening efforts. 9. Give the trim some fresh paint and replace any rotted wood, particularly near the front door. 10. Inspect your gutters; old gutters are an obvious eyesore and you can make installation fast and easy with snap-into-place gutter pieces. Beautifying your home for curb appeal doesn’t need to be time-consuming or cost a lot of money. Follow these 10 tips and have your home looking fresh and cared-for in no time....

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