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Three Simple Jobs To Help Increase Your Home’s Value Before Listing It For Sale

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If you’re planning to sell your home, it’s a smart financial decision to invest some money to improve its appearance. Hiring a professional stager is one solution; investing as little as three percent of the home’s listing price for a staging service can provide a financial return of up to 10 percent. If you’re more of the do-it-yourself type or have a knack for creating visual appeal around the home, you can tackle a handful of projects that can make your home more enticing to prospective buyers. While the specific projects you handle depend on your home’s needs, investing your time and some money in these three areas can be beneficial. Upgrade Your Appliances It’s easy to grow attached to your appliances over time or just feel a lack of desire to replace them due to the hassle of lugging them through your home. Prospective home buyers will definitely notice the state of appliances in houses for sale — and, if they appear in need of an upgrade, will be quick to factor this pending expense into their buying offer. Replacing outdated appliances isn’t cheap, but can yield significant returns. If you have this project in mind over several months, it can be easy to watch for appliance deals and buy these items when you can afford it. Not keen on handling the appliances yourself? Some stores offer free delivery for appliance purchases and many others charge a nominal fee. Improve The Lighting Take a tour through your home and look for lighting that needs improvement. While you might have become accustomed to the bland yellow light shining from the fixture in your kitchen, for example, it’s probably not going to appeal to strangers. Find some lighting fixtures that suit the look of your home and provide a contemporary feel. It’s not difficult to change these fixtures yourself and they can not only improve the look of your home, but also provide more brightness to show off your space’s many qualities. Splash On Some Paint Many home buyers set painting atop their list of immediate priorities, especially if the home’s walls are a dull color. Although you can’t predict what specific colors the buyers will like, repainting your rooms that need a fresh burst of color greatly improves the home’s visual appeal. Don’t go for outlandish colors that the buyers might want to replace. Instead, choose neutral tones that help to make your rooms look bright, clean and...

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Advice You Should Take From Your Realtor When Selling Your Home

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If you are hoping to put your house on the market, you probably think that your know your home better than anyone. This may be the case, but your realtor is a professional in the field and their advice should be taken seriously. Here are pieces of advice that your real estate agent might offer up that you should probably listen to. 1. The Look of Your Home If your realtor suggests either a drastic cleanup or even moving out to stage your home, they probably know what is working to sell in your area. In some parts of the country, buyers expect a home to be scaled down and to not look ‘lived in’ as this can be distracting. It might be a pain to put your things in storage to get your home ready to sell, but this might be the best option. 2. The Right Price If you bought your home at a time when home valuations were up, it might be hard to let this number go. If the market has changed, your home might not be worth the same as it was a few years ago. If you think that your real estate agent is asking you to price your home at too low of a valuation, make sure that you don’t have a misperception on what homes like yours are really going for. 3. Viewing Availability Sometimes one or two open homes aren’t going to cut it for those looking to get a chance to see your property. If you are living in your home while trying to sell, it is important that there is time during the week that realtors can bring buyers around to see your home. If your realtor suggests you get lost, it is for your own good. 4. The Time of Year You might decide in the fall or winter that you want to get your home on the market, but your realtor might advise that this isn’t the best timing for home sales. Selling in spring and summer months usually brings in more buyers and better asking prices. Don’t ruin your chances for a good offer just because you decided to sell your home at the wrong time of year. Sometimes advice from your real estate agent will be something that you don’t necessarily want to hear, but remember that they have your best interests at heart. They know what will sell and can help get your home the best offer. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot by being stubborn about certain aspects of the home selling...

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2 Things To Keep In Mind When Selling Mineral Rights

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Mining is one of the largest industries in the United States today. The minerals and fossil fuels needed to produce the goods consumers rely on come from mining. While there are many corporate owned mines throughout the country, mineral deposits can be located on land owned by private residents. In order to gain access to rich mineral caches, mining companies can attempt to purchase the mineral rights. If you are thinking of selling your own mineral rights, there are some things you should know to make the transition easier. Here are two things to keep in mind as you attempt to sell your mineral rights in the future. 1. Once sold, your mineral rights cannot be claimed as an asset. Just as a piece of property is no longer in your possession once it has been sold, selling your mineral rights means you forfeit any future claim to these rights. This can affect the estate planning process, since mineral rights can be handed down from one generation to the next. Selling your mineral rights can also affect your ability to sell your land in the future, since a purchaser will not have the ability to buy these rights along with the physical property. Taking the time to understand that once the sale is complete, you will not be able to claim your mineral rights as an asset, will save you a lot of confusion in the future. 2. The entity holding ownership to your mineral rights can determine how your land is used. If mineral caches discovered on your property reside under farmland or grazing pastures, you could lose the ability to control how this land will be used in the future. The entity holding ownership to your mineral rights has the ability to use the surface land in order to extract their minerals. Before you decide to sell your mineral rights, be sure that you are comfortable housing a drilling pad and pipeline equipment on your property. Should the new owner need to use your land in order to gain access to your mineral rights, you will be paid for any damages caused. This income, when combined with the proceeds get when you sell mineral rights, can be significant. Selling your mineral rights can be a smart decision if you don’t plan to extract any minerals from the land yourself. Although you will lose the ability to pass these rights along to your heirs, the money you receive in exchange for your mineral rights can be...

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3 Tactics for House Hunting like a pro

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Home buying is an exciting, but somewhat daunting process. Use these tactics to hunt for your new home like a real estate professional, and end you can complete your search with success and happiness. Search Real Estate Websites Right Input a maximum price limit in the search box on your favorite realty website, but leave the minimum price limit blank. Leave out number of bathrooms and bedrooms initially, too. This allows the most results to appear. Avoid too many specifics when beginning an online search, or you could pass up a great deal. You never know when you might change your mind about buying a single-family home after seeing a stellar condominium in a search. If you must have a pool, but cannot find anything with one in your price range, remember that you can always install a pool in a home you buy in the future. Conduct a Drive-By Hunt Some sellers place their properties up for sale without listing them on traditional real estate websites or without the help of an agent. These for-sale-by-owner properties are called FSBOs. To find FSBOs in places you wish to live, conduct a drive-by hunt. FSBOs stand out by the for sale signs that are posted without a realty company designation on them. Get an Agent’s Secret Stash Find an agent that makes you feel comfortable and unhurried about the home buying process. Visit local agencies to interview agents. You can also find an agent by contacting those that you come across in your online searches. Once you have an agent, you can get in on some of his or her secret stash of listings by asking for guest MLS access and for pocket listings. MLS systems have similar listings as major real estate websites, but their distinction is that they are designed for, but not restricted to, use by professional agents. MLS show new listings faster, as well as update pending, backup or sold statuses faster. This information results in fewer disappointments when making offers. Ask your agent for pocket listings, too. These are unadvertised listings unknown to most other buyers. They are a great way to make offers on homes for sale before anyone else. Approach house hunting like a pro then leave the rest to your agent. He or she will ensure your success from the moment you begin placing offers to the moment you get the keys to your new...

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Buying Your First House? 2 Things To Ask Your Real Estate Agent

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Shopping for your first home can be incredibly overwhelming. In addition to working within a budget and calculating your estimated expenses, you might also be worried about finding a place with a great floor plan and the right upgrades. Fortunately, a real estate agent can make a list of your must-have-items and scour the local market to find you the home of your dreams. Here are two things you should ask your real estate agent, and why they will matter down the road.  1: What is the local sales to list price ratio? After binge-watching real estate reality shows, you might be ready to submit an ultra-low offer in hopes of cutting your monthly house payment. However, every market is different, and your real estate agent can only talk the price down so far. To make matters worse, sellers can become overly attached to their homes, which could make a low offer offensive. To keep negotiations alive, try to understand the local market by talking with your real estate agent about the local sales to list price ratio. This ratio is expressed as a percentage, and it can tell you a lot about what you should expect. For example, an average ratio of under 100% tells you that most homes in the area are selling for less than they are listed, which might mean that you could submit a more conservative offer. On the flip side, a ratio of over 100% means that homes are selling for more than they are listed. To stay competitive when the ratio is high, you might need to submit an aggressive offer. 2: What is this neighborhood really like? Your real estate agent can tell you a lot more about a house than the price of the HOA or the type of pool installed in the backyard. As real estate agents show homes, work with different sellers, and scout out potential property listings, they develop a good feel for the area, which can help you to find the right home. One of the most important things you should discuss with your real estate agent is the actual condition of the neighborhood. Does the neighborhood change a lot at night or in the mid-afternoon? What is the traffic like when school gets out? Although you might feel silly asking such pointed questions, your real estate agent might be able to guide you in the right direction so that you don’t regret your decision down the road. By discussing the right things with your real estate agent, one like Gilbert Realty, you might be able to speed up the process and avoid expensive problems down the...

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Dos And Don’ts When You Can’t Pay Your Rent On Time

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Few things are more embarrassing than being in a situation where you cannot pay your rent on time. If you ever find yourself in this situation, there are a few dos and don’ts you need to know to handle it the right way. Don’t Avoid The Problem It can be a horrible feeling to know that for some reason, you can’t pay your bill. This is especially true when the money due is for your place of residency. Whatever you do, do not avoid your landlord. Even if they are difficult and you are not fond of them, avoiding those that you are responsible for paying your rent to is not going to solve the problem. It is best to address the issue straight away. Do Talk To The Landlord Take the time to get in touch with the landlord as soon as you realize that you are not going to be able to come up with the full amount due. Give them written notice that you can’t pay your bill. Get a copy of the paperwork showing their signature that they received your notice. Let them know the situation behind the reason you can’t afford the bill. Many agencies are willing to accept a partial payment with the promise to pay within a few days or a week. Don’t Move Out In The Middle Of The Night While it can be tempting to sneak out in the middle of the night, this is a terrible idea.  For one thing, this could end up on your credit for years. The owner of your rental place can pursue you for damages and unpaid rent. You do not want this haunting you five years from now when you are trying to buy a home. Do Consider Moving The Right Way Ask yourself if the situation is going to continue. If you lost your job and are having trouble to find a new one, it may be time to move on. Think about how much time is left on your lease. It may be beneficial for you to break the lease and move to a smaller or cheaper area. It doesn’t mean you’ve been defeated, it means you are being wise with your money. If this is a temporary setback due to an unexpected bill, then moving may not be the right decision. Do Make A Budget You’ve probably heard this a thousand times, but making a budget is one of the best things you can do. The first step in creating a budget is to identify where you spend money every month. Write down all of your expenses and then identify what you can and cannot spend so that you can pay all of your bills every month. There is no secret to a perfect budget. It is simply learning to stick to the budget that you’ve created. Whatever the reason that you cannot pay your rent on time, go talk to the landlord. Do not hide from them. You may be pleasantly surprised that they have options for you that do not include being evicted. Remember that no matter how bleak the situation, there are always ways to solve the issue. If you’re looking for a new home to rent, visit Sunworld Group...

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7 Emerging Real Estate Trends In 2015

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Crippling student debt, an uncertain economy, and lack of family-wage employment opportunities have combined to cause the millennial generation to have a slow start getting out of the gate on the quest for home ownership. With the economy stabilized in most parts of the country, more members of the millennial generation may begin to purchase homes in 2015, particularly with the federal government offering several new programs designed to minimize down payments. Following are seven home trends that reflect what today’s millennials are looking for in a home. Outdoor Space The trend that began in the late 90s toward enhanced outdoor living spaces keeps expanding with no signs of slowing down. Along with outdoor kitchens, expect to see significant interest in homes featuring amenities in 2015 such as outdoor showers, wash stations for pets, and roof decks. Keyless Entry Keyless entry is another big selling point among today’s prospective homeowners. Biometric fingerprint door locks eliminate the need to hide spare keys or to have to call a locksmith. These systems can also be upgraded to provide homeowners with information concerning who entered the premises and at what time. Outdoor Fire Pits and Interior Fireplaces Homes equipped with these are likely to highly sought after on today’s market. Another hot trend for 2015 is modern design takes on classic wood stoves. For instance, newer stoves are available in colors such as sky blue or seafoam green rather than just charcoal gray or traditional black. Specialized Storage Traditional pantries are making a comeback in modern construction, and this amenity is highly appreciated by millennial who are in the process of starting families.  Walk-in closets are also sought after features by many young prospective home buyers. Water Conservation Features Increasing national awareness concerning possible water shortages combines with rising costs of municipal water has made water conversation features attractive as well. Plumbing systems designed to conserve as much water as possible and landscaping that features drought tolerant trees, shrubs, and ground covers are popular water-conversation features. Human-Scale Structures The McMansions of the recent past are being replaced by human-scale structures that are are designed for comfortable living. Modern homeowners value the intimacy of smaller homes as well as the utility savings that they offer. Copper Copper is the trendy metal du jour of 2015, but it also provides a classic, traditional look that has staying power. Copper plumbing and light fixtures and even copper roofing materials are showing up in new construction everywhere. For more information talk to a real estate broker or agent in your...

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